Olmert’s appearance ‘an insult to Israel’

Olmert’s appearance ‘an insult to Israel’

As a former resident of New Jersey and a former employee of Ehud Olmert — and a witness in his trial, I find it disgraceful that Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ chose to invite Olmert on stage (“An optimistic Ehud Olmert takes the stage,” Dec. 14). 

First of all, there are hundreds of excellent and knowledgeable speakers that federation could have chosen. Second, can you imagine if the U.S. had impeached a president, put him behind bars for corruption, and an Israeli organization invited him to come and speak in such a forum? The U.S. Jewish community — including federation — would be in an uproar. 

While I understand that infamy is fame and fame brings people out, this decision was an insult to Israel, Israelis, and particularly to the people and institutions that Olmert hurt.

I certainly hope that federation will act with greater integrity in the future and bring in speakers who deserve our esteem and respect, not just ones that will “get ratings.” Truly an embarrassment.

Rachel Moore
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