Obvious differences

Obvious differences

Israel has already arrested six people in connection with the murder of the Palestinian boy whereas the Palestinians have yet to produce the two individuals named as the suspects in
the killing of the Israeli teenagers.

Israelis drop leaflets on areas that are about to be bombed to minimize the loss of innocent civilians while Hamas consciously targets civilian populations to inflict the greatest damage on civilians. Additionally they locate missile sites and ammunition dumps among their civilian population to maximize propaganda coverage when these areas are attacked. As Prime Minister Netanyahu stated,
Israel is using its missiles to protect its population whereas Hamas is using their population to protect their missiles.

Palestinian mothers praise their children for being martyrs, while Jewish mothers are pained that the children have to kill in self-defense. The horrific murder of the Palestinian boy forces Israel to examine what, within its culture, creates extremism. Nothing similar occurs among the Palestinians, who seem to praise most highly those whose acts kill the most people.

When Jews see what Muslims do to one another because of a religious schism 1,500 years ago — with beheadings, amputations, mass executions — is there any wonder they take actions that are necessary to protect their own civilians?

Isn’t this rather obvious and stark? How can true liberals and The New York Times not grasp this?

David Rocker
Short Hills

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