Obstacles to peace

Obstacles to peace

It is to the credit of NJ Jewish News that you have published a good sampling of opinions on resumption of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians (Editorial, “Hope not optimism”).

Too many U.S. citizens tend to forget that Israel is not bordered by Canada and Mexico.

UN Resolution 242 called upon the Arab states to make peace with Israel, there being no mention of “Palestinians.” Indeed, various Arab states have sponsored the PLO under Arafat and more recently its reincarnation in the form of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

The failed Oslo Accords and Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza surely furnish enough evidence of blindness in pursuing any aspect of“land for peace” formula. This does not mean Israel should rule over the Palestinians.

A critical examination of the PA’s non-observance of commitments under Oslo points to deep concerns over trust. One of the essential items required of the PA was that of elimination of hateful texts directed at Israel in their school books. This is still ongoing as testified by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs: “As long as Palestinian children are taught that terror is legitimate and Israel’s existence is not, a viable Israeli-Palestinian peace will remain beyond reach.” In the pastliberals like Abba Eban and Yaacov Herzog warned against co-exiting with an element steeped in hatred literally from birth.

John Kerry’s reckless remarks on settlements are a further indication of the dangerous potential associated with the State Departments ventures in the Middle East. He is in need of an education on this much-abused subject, commencing with an article in The American Thinker by the distinguished professor emeritus of political science from Rutgers University, Dr. Michael Curtis. His conclusion? “The Israeli presence in the disputed areas is lawful until a peace settlement, because Israel entered them lawfully in self-defense.”

Alex Rose
Ashkelon, Israel
(Former resident of West Orange)

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