Not ours to criticize

Not ours to criticize

I usually find wisdom in our editor’s opinion pieces. This week, I am dismayed (“Cheerleaders — or partners?,” May 8).

Those of us Jews who have cast our lot to live in America cannot take part in the Israeli democratic process. Those who choose to do that need to exercise their rights to return and declare themselves olim. It’s that simple. Within Israel, fierce debates flow from every direction. Freedom of speech in action. Kol hakavod.

You can call me unsophisticated but I believe, passionately, that the responsibility of Diaspora Jewry is to be cheerleaders for Israel. I believe, passionately, that those of us who want our progeny to love Israel must teach them to love Israel. When I hear of Jewish youth chanting slogans of BDS, it truly sickens me. We have a job, and that is to support, and visit, Israel. Leave the criticism to the Israelis. They’re very good at it and it’s their lives at stake.

We don’t have to go far at all to find those in our world who despise Israel. Their voices should not mingle with our own. Those of us who wish to participate and debate Israel’s future are free to do so — within her borders as citizens.

Rosanne Skopp
West Orange

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