Not our place

Not our place

The front-page headline of the Aug. 13 edition quoted the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ’s statement opposing the Iran nuclear deal: “It is incumbent upon us as Americans, as Jews, and as people who love both Israel and the United States to take a public stance.”

I must emphatically disagree. Who knows what leverage our negotiators had, or whether they used it entirely? No one really knows. Our leaders are competent and experienced and we must trust their judgment. We really have no other choice.

As for Israel, they would relish the complete neutralization of Iran. I couldn’t say that I blame them. But Iran will not bomb Israel and Israel will not bomb Iran. It is a matter of influence in the region. The debates so far have been entirely political and emotional and we should not add to that ferment.

Robert N. Seidman
North Caldwell

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