Not by might…

Not by might…

Thank you for your excellent article “Guns and Moses” (June 21), which was reprinted in the Manhattan Jewish Sentinel.

As an Orthodox Jew, I, too, cannot understand the fascination with “goyishe naches”— owning guns, voting Republican, and consorting with evangelical Christians — displayed by some in the frum community.Your very apt quotation from Rav Landau, however, does suggest the key to the matter in regard to the first of this trinity.Though the Rabbi addresses only hunting and does not  specifically mention firearms, the desire for weapons capable of tearing apart a living creature stems from a sadistic impulse and a lust for power ultimately rooted in deep insecurity. The Torah true Jew places his faith in Hashem, not automatic rifles. In the words of the Navi, “Not by might, and not by power, but by My spirit, sayeth the Lord.”

Henry Watkin
New York, NY

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