This is in response to the letter “Common Sense” (Jan. 3).

No one other than law enforcement and the military should have any guns. According to some studies, if you have a gun for “protection” you are four times more likely to shoot yourself, shoot a family member in an argument, or be shot by a family member than you are to shoot a criminal threatening you or your family.

The safest people have no guns. Hunting is a barbaric “sport” from an earlier time. It can be replaced with virtual hunting where people can even hunt endangered species like gorillas or elephants. The same for target shooting. This would be a great business opportunity for video game companies.

The Second Amendment clearly applies to a well-regulated militia such as law enforcement and the military, not private citizens. Putting armed guards in schools is folly. The modern school has many doors and   windows, children outside in the yard, many floors, etc. An armed guard would probably be a moonlighting policeman or security guard with some training with a pistol. An ex-military person armed with the latest   weaponry and intent to harm could quickly neutralize a security guard.

The answer is not armed guards, but having a gun-free society except for law enforcement.

Michael I. Frischberg

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