No time for Booker

No time for Booker

Gabe Kahn’s excellent Garden State of Mind “Still in Israel’s corner?” (Aug. 16) is right on. A number of years ago when I lived in North Jersey our congregation was honored to have a N.J. senator come speak to us. Our rabbi said the attendance reminded him of the High Holy Days.

Now several years later the same senator, Cory Booker, has held a sign proclaiming that the border fence in Gaza has “got to go.” Booker said he did not have time to read the sign.

Maybe people who support Israel should not have time to vote for him when it’s time for re-election. I realize there are many things to think about when deciding on a candidate’s worthiness for office, but hopefully Israel will be among the top of the list, considering that nation’s very existence is at risk.

Politicians can say and do virtually anything and still count on support from a great majority of Jews such as when President Barack Obama chose not to veto a UN Security Council vote halting settlement expansion. Jewish support for Obama also ignored the fact that he attended a church where the pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, condemned Jews.

All of this factors into how left-wing Democrats (of which there are many) no longer support Israel, and if they are politicians, say and do virtually anything to get elected.


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