No support for BDS

No support for BDS

Please allow me to express my disappointment, following a vote by Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Dist. 12) to vote “No” on a resolution condemning the movement to boycott Israel. Our congresswoman was the only member of Congress from New Jersey to vote against this resolution, which received overwhelming support in the House of Representatives in late July.

There is, of course, no easy path to peace in the Middle East, but attempts to intentionally hurt Israel, the only democracy in that part of the globe, is troubling to me. This Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign does nothing to encourage peace and prosperity within that entire troubled region.

International efforts to isolate Israel are a continuing pattern of anti-Israel bias that we often see at the United Nations and from nations whose own human rights records are deplorable.

But unlike most other nations,
Israel’s very existence has been under threat ever since its founding 71 years ago. Many of those behind this movement are those who failed to destroy Israel militarily and now want to destroy it economically.

In that context, the international BDS movement must be opposed by all those who support Israel’s right to exist, even if they don’t necessarily agree with the policies of its current government. I will continue to make my voice heard in support of Israel.

Gerald W. Tamburro
Mayor, Monroe Township

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