No solution at all

No solution at all

Stephen Flatow’s letter to the editor “What ‘narrative’?” succinctly challenges Rabbi Sharon Brous’s lack of understanding of the Palestinians in
her article “Quiet majority must bet on peace”(Feb. 20). Flatow notes that the two-state solution is clearly bound for failure. I recommend that Brous read Caroline Glick’s The Israeli Solution for further challenges to the oxymoron of the twostate solution.

Muslims as well as Christians are perfectly protected in Israel; surely as Flatow points out, that is not so in Palestinian-controlled areas where even Muslims and especially Christians are threatened or murdered for opposing the Muslim dictatorship.

I had the honor of meeting Mr. Flatow when I was installed as the founding president of the Alisa chapter of Hadassah. He is clearly justified in challenging the so-called “peace activists.” How can anyone sympathize with terrorists? How can anyone attack “settlers” who only wish to live peacefully in their homeland?

Tiby Lapkin
Monroe Township

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