No partner for peace

No partner for peace

Israelis fully understand the perils of a two-state solution and prefer the status quo (even though Netanyahu may say that he favors a two-state solution he can be certain, that under the current and foreseeable situation, this will be suicide for Israel). A “Palestinian state” (God forbid) will most certainly be another Arab terrorist state dedicated to the destruction of Israel. The only question is: which criminal terrorist organization will rule?

It is easy to predict what would happen if and when a Palestinian state is created. Rocket attacks will fall on Tel Aviv as they did on Sderot from Gaza. Israel will be condemned for retaliating and protecting itself from the onslaught. The goal of destroying the Jewish state will continue unabated (no matter what piece of paper is signed). And Israel will be further condemned for not supplying the enemy with food, water, electricity, gas, and oil. It will all be Israel’s fault.

The “Arab Winter” proves that merely giving the right to vote is totally insufficient to transform a society into a democracy. Without democratic ideals, freedom (particularly religious freedom), justice, institutions, and mindset, we have subjugation and chaos.

The words “a just two-state solution” flow so easily. In order for it to be “just,” there has to be a partner for peace that is capable of living up to the terms of any agreement. There is no such partner. Israelis and Jews throughout the world prayfor peace. Is it attainable? Just read the headlines  about Muslims killing brother Muslims. Think of what the Islamists would do to Israelis and all Jews  (and all infidels) given the opportunity.

Charlie Bernhaut
New York, NY

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