No other choice

No other choice

In Andrew Silow-Carroll’s July 17 column, “Jewish values vs. total war,” I am troubled that he found Peter Beinart’s question, “What is Israel accomplishing that’s worth the death of even one Gazan child?” a “welcome reminder.”

Yes, there is a need to remember the unfortunate loss of life in Gaza. But the Beinart question is in essence: “Why is Israel bothering to defend its people (destroying tunnels, etc.) when there will certainly be a Gazan child’s death and the Hamas threat will not have forever ended?”

The other options are to simply be killed or to wipe out everyone (which I am not advocating). I wonder why there is so much silence about the number of kids who have been killed digging these Hamas tunnels, and the number of kids being killed by Hamas not allowing them to leave after receiving an Israeli warning to leave. Actually, sadly, I don’t wonder.

The cost of the operation is great, but the cost of not doing the operation is much greater.

Steve Pasternak

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