No Jews for Jesus in NJJN

No Jews for Jesus in NJJN

Ostensibly NJJN is designed to promote the best interests of the Jewish people. Kolbo’s “Rabbi Kathie Lee?” (Oct. 5) was about a celebrity whose ultimate goal is to promote the philosophy of the “Jews for Jesus” branch of Christianity. NJJN gave space to an individual whose methods are designed to proselytize for Jesus. Her ends justify her methods. The last sentence in the article told it all: Kathie Lee Gifford “sees Jesus as the messiah.” 

While NJJN may justify advertising treif restaurants for economic reasons, just what is the reason for promoting Gifford’s book or printing an article about her religious ideology? Was that really serving the best interests of the Jewish people? 

Her professed love of Israel fits conveniently into her real goal: selling her book and her philosophy. And NJJN bought it.

Joel M. Glazer


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