No friends in Europe

No friends in Europe

Another strange, anti-Israel article in a Jewish newspaper: “Continental divide: Is Netanyahu alienating Israel’s supporters in Europe?” (May 27).

Supporters? In Europe?

Earth to JTA writer Leslie Susser and the New Jersey Jewish News: A Likud-led Israel has no friends in Europe. Indeed, an Israel with a capital in Jerusalem and Jews in the West Bank has no friends in Europe.

You want European friends? Put Israel back to its 1948 borders, disarm her, and have all Israelis planting trees and dancing horas. Even better, Europeans will cry the largest crocodile tears when and if Iran drops a nuclear bomb on Israel. If history has taught us anything it’s that Europeans love to mourn for dead Jews. It’s the live ones that they don’t like.

I feel good that the Europeans have a dislike for Netanyahu and Likud. That tells me that Israel must be doing something right.

Abe Krieger
Highland Park

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