No evidence

No evidence

I, too, believe this agreement represents our best, and only realistic, option to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions and provide a greater measure of security for the U.S., Israel, and other allies. But, what really bothers me is why the federation — a broad-based philanthropic organization that aims to represent the entire community in its unity and diversity — took upon itself the right to make a public statement of opposition (or support, had it decided differently) in our collective name. We have AIPAC, JStreet, and myriad other organizations to take political stances.

Federation has no business getting involved in political controversies (especially ones that have become so partisan) unless there are issues of Jewish values and principles at stake. That is decidedly not the case here. Both supporters and opponents of the agreement care deeply about the same ends and operate from the same values and principles. They differ only in their political judgment as to
which course will best attain those ends. With all due respect to the Board of federation, I see no evidence that their political judgment is better than mine or others’, and I resent their presenting it to the public in my name.

Jonathan Woocher
South Orange

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