No dialogue with hate groups

No dialogue with hate groups

I couldn’t agree more with Gabe Kahn’s sentiments (“White supremacists emboldened by the president,” Aug. 24). In fact, the entire Garden State of Mind — or at least significant excerpts — as well as personal reflections on the events in Charlottesville should be incorporated into every rabbi’s High Holy Day sermons this year.

I will simply add a few of my own thoughts about Trump’s response. As far as I’m concerned, he has lost all moral authority to lead our nation — in words, deeds, thoughts, and substance. Instead of being a Consoler-in-Chief, as President Obama was labeled in the aftermath of many mass shootings as he sought to heal our wounds after each violent act, Trump displayed no empathy. His words divided us, they did not heal.  

Gene Gorrin


The real issue is the elephant in the room that everyone is avoiding. These alt-right, neo-Nazi, KKK groups and their protests — they want to kill us — Jews, blacks, Hispanics, yes, Muslims, and anyone who is not pure white. I cannot dialogue with someone who wants to kill me or, at the very least, kick me out of the country I have adopted or the only country I have known. There can be no negotiating with such persons or their president.

Herb Skovronek
Morris Plains

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