No credit to Trump admin

No credit to Trump admin

In recent issues, you’ve had letters to the editor which at the least implicitly, if not explicitly, were supportive of Herrs Trump and Pence — crediting them for the strength of the economy, for the false security espoused by their anti-immigrant positions, and, of course, for their surface support of Israel.  

Readers’ faith in the administration is unfortunate, ill-placed, and ill-informed. To suggest that one year into this administration, it could have made the difference implied in our multi-trillion-dollar economy, is to exhibit a woeful lack of economic understanding. Credit for our economy must be given (assuming political credit is to be given anywhere) to the efforts of the Obama administration.  

To support Trump’s heinous anti-immigration position, and in that sense for a Jew to vote Republican, is to forget what being Jewish means. 

It is truly a disgrace to this country that the current Republican leadership is solely focused on their narrow self-interests, on enriching their family and friends, on exploiting bigotry and hate mongering.  

In reality, the highest echelons of the Republican Party, as it is currently constituted, are traitors, conducting themselves with actions that are clearly against the United States’ best interests. 

Kalman A. Barson

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