No comparison

No comparison

I appreciate the concern for the Syrian refugees (“Strangers in a welcoming land,” Dec. 24). I understand our Jewish view for compassion for the refugee. What I do not comprehend is our need to appear, sound, and act as if the Jewish refugee issue was on the same par as these Syrians. The issues surrounding Syrians leaving their country en masse are not truly understood by any westerner.

The Jews who were refugees perhaps had other difficulties coming here, but the major difference between the Jews and the Syrians comes down to safety and protection. None of the fleeing Jews had the remotest desire to attack, blow up, or otherwise harm America. None of the Jews wanted to physically destroy Western culture from the inside, insidiously. Most Jewish immigrants wanted to embrace being American. That is not necessarily so with the Syrians. Instead, we are considering allowing in people who by their own admission detest American values.

When our government has done its homework, when the government has a specific, safe plan and is prepared to vet Syrians appropriately, then we can talk about opening our arms to the refugees. Not a minute sooner.

Laurie Dinerstein-Kurs

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