NJJN looks right

NJJN looks right

Really? Our president is a white supremacist (Gabe Kahn’s “Trumpeting their views,” Sept. 7).

What he simply said about Charlottesville is that decent people can believe that monuments should continue to stand despite their controversial history.

I am sure that not all the people who marched for that belief were white supremacists. Conservatives have a right to march and protest peacefully, and I am sure that’s what motivated most of the crowd.

Yes, there were scum there on both sides wearing hoods and committing violence, but only the right-wing ones were condemned by the mainstream media and NJJN.

What about the left-wing scum who prevent conservatives from speaking on college campuses, who destroyed property at the inauguration, and littered the public areas of New York City protesting financial success?

I submit that NJJN is only looking right when your vision should be expanded.

How dare you condemn a man who spoke before the United Nations to ask for justice, equality, and peace, and who is trying desperately to make our country prosperous and safe for all?

Joyce Heisen
Washington Crossing, Pa.


I applaud Gabe Kahn for being able to read the asinine comments he received about his columns on Trump. I can’t believe that so many NJJN readers can be so blind to reality and so politically stupid. Maybe they are simply stupid. 

Dr. Ruth Dooskin


While I condemn white supremacists, I also condemn the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter bunch and antifa, and so should NJJN. Also, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has become a hate group and an organ of the Democratic Party. They can call any organization a hate group without evidence. That is why I contributed to a Protestant organization that was unfairly labeled a hate group. The SPLC is a hateful, scumbag outfit; Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was right. 

Michael Werner 
Langhorne, Pa. 

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