NJJN lacks right-wing opinions

NJJN lacks right-wing opinions

NJJN’s editorial, “A vital purpose, now more than ever” (Sept. 13), was long on rhetoric, but short on facts.

For example, if you really think NJJN provided a “wide range of voices,” please show me the opinion articles in favor of the Second Amendment. We could also take a look at how many of NJJN’s opinion pieces reflect a right-wing view on any subject.

Your statement that “We aren’t the enemy of the people” may be true, but the follow up, “we ARE the people” is over the top. You’re not the people — you’re the media. And it can easily be argued that the mainstream media is merely the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

I hope that this coming year NJJN tries harder to adhere to the seven principles established by the American Society of Newspaper Editors because President Donald Trump’s accusation doesn’t sound false to those of us on the right. And while you may think of us as “deplorables” or “irredeemables” and want to deprive us of our constitutional rights, those of us on the right ARE the people TOO. 

East Brunswick

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