NJJN absence at AIPAC

NJJN absence at AIPAC

According to the March 1 editorial, “Why we won’t be at the AIPAC conference,” a year ago NJJN “editorialized against a policy of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that bars members of the press from attending the great majority of breakout sessions…” Since AIPAC didn’t change its longstanding policy, NJJN penned a second editorial this year.

As AIPAC wouldn’t follow the paper’s advice, NJJN decided not to attend the largest and most influential gathering of our elected officials — Democrat and Republican — as well as more than 15,000 individuals concerned about the U.S.-Israel relationship. Doesn’t the gathering of so many Jewish and Christian communal leaders, activists, as well as a large contingent from Congress and the administration warrant coverage? Do you not think people from Greater MetroWest are interested? 

I have seen AIPAC Policy Conference coverage in many major U.S. and Israeli media outlets [the 2018 conference took place March 4-6]. NJJN should stop trying to dictate policies to Jewish communal organizations and instead report the news.

Robert Grossman
West Orange

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