Never forget

Never forget

Thank you so much for Debbie Rubin’s “Commemorating Yom
HaShoah with those who fought the Nazis” (April 30). It is such a timely article in these terrible times. WWII veterans and Holocaust survivors are passing from us, yet the number of neo-Nazis and anti-Semitic incidents are increasing.

The underlying substance of the article saddened me, as it always does. But it made me more determined than ever to make sure my children and grandchildren, and the world, “never forget” and to stand strong for equality for all.

Your article literally choked me up, particularly at the end, with the account of Manny Lindenbaum’s life. Stories like that are what people must read and remember in our resistance to the types of hatred that are making comebacks here in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Mark Schiffman

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