Need respect for all forms of worship

Need respect for all forms of worship

I found Rabbi Mendel Bogomilsky’s comment in “Locals react to rejection of Western Wall compromise” (June 29) particularly odd, as he states that worship in the time of the Temple would be “anathema to liberal Jews” today. I’m sure the rabbi understands that no Jews are worshiping there today because they did not get along with each other, demonstrating sinat chinam, baseless hatred. This should be anathema to all Jews.  

If there is any chance of returning to worship in a Holy Temple, it is paramount that Jews have respect for one another. To allow a relatively small group of charedi Jews to control all forms of worship at the Kotel with no respect for the rest of Israeli and diaspora Jewry is just continuing actions that led to the destruction of the Temple. 

Prior to 1967, the area adjacent to the Western Wall of the Temple was never a place of organized worship. If we choose to make it that now, since it is the closest area we can get to the former location of the Temple, then we should allow all Jews to go in quietly and singularly pray in their own way. It is the height of hubris for anyone to know what form of worship God wants us to practice, so until we do know that, there should not be any organized worship at this site.

Thank God, there are thousands of places throughout Jerusalem and the world where individuals can join in a minyan and worship how they feel comfortable. In the meantime, when at the Kotel, all Jews and gentiles should quietly concentrate on “loving your neighbor as yourself,” which will bring us closer to worshiping in the Holy Temple, and not just the wall supporting it.

David Gleaner
West Orange

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