Need rabbis for dialogue

Need rabbis for dialogue

“Orthodox Jews emerging as Trump’s truest believers” (Sept. 28) contained a description of the president’s pre-High Holiday call with Jewish leaders. NJJN missed the opportunity to point out that when rabbis who agreed and disagreed with our president participated, it created an opportunity for dialogue. Perhaps that is why previous calls were longer and included more discussion. [Editor’s note: According to the article this year’s call lasted “barely eight minutes” and the president didn’t take questions. In the past the calls sometimes included heated exchanges and have lasted at least 45 minutes.]

Avoiding direct communication when we have the opportunity, analogous to our Federation leadership snubbing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is rarely a recipe for progress. 
In discussing Jews who make Israel a top priority when they vote, and their rising support for Republicans, NJJN neglected to point out that political decisions are always made relative to the alternatives.

Those Jews feel abandoned by the Democratic Party that has become less friendly to Israel with the Iran Deal, supports Rep. Keith Ellison as its number two in command, and coddles BDS supporters.

Alex Marcus
Basking Ridge

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