My AIPAC experience

My AIPAC experience

AIPAC 2017 was my first Policy Conference and it truly made an impact on me. From the wide range of speakers, to the new and creative innovation; this Policy Conference left me inspired. However, by far the one thing that left me more inspired than the rest was when the United States ambassador to the UN spoke to us in the Verizon center Monday evening. Ambassador Nikki Haley did not even have to utter a word before she was given the longest standing ovation of the conference. This is undoubtedly due to her action thus far in her role at the UN.

It is readily known that for the past several decades there has been an unjust biased against the State of Israel at the United Nations. It started when the UN ruled that Zionism was a form of racism, and when it concluded that there is no Jewish connection to the Western Wall. Most often Israel would have at least the United States on its side in these unfair proceedings. For this reason it was such a huge hit to Israel when the United States abstained from another biased resolution against Israel. Not only did this harm our relationship with the only true democracy in the Middle East, but it also caused concern within the American Jewish community. Once Nikki Hayley became the new UN ambassador, the Jewish community could finally know that there was somebody who would stand up for us and for what was right.

From the moment she walked on stage not a single person was sitting. When she spoke you could tell every word was just more and more reassurance of her commitment to ending the Israel bias in the UN. Once again, at the end of her address the entire stadium was roaring. When you took a look around you could see the inspiration in everyone’s eyes, how they truly do believe she can make a difference. My AIPAC experience would not have been nearly as inspirational without this moment. It showed how once again Israel has a true friend in the United States.

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