More welcoming shuls

More welcoming shuls

Thank you so much for the important article “Welcoming Shuls Project opens Orthodox doors to LGBTQ Jews” (Jan. 11). The Welcoming Shuls Project (WSP) continues to grow by leaps and bounds and we are now up to 104 synagogues and 13 in New Jersey. I do want to clarify that these 13 are those who agreed to be interviewed by WSP and we continue to seek out shuls and communities to include in our confidential database. 

I also want to be clear that the maintaining of confidentiality is not to “hide anything” but to be discrete so that LGBT persons can find Orthodox communities, and the wonderful rabbis who are leading these communities can continue to do their important work, offering supportive, welcoming communities. For those who are not in the Orthodox community, obviously there are many other options. For those who are in this community and want more information on WSP or think your shul and rabbi should be included in our database, please contact Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein at

Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein
Director, Welcoming Shuls Project

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