Moral equivalency

Moral equivalency

So Rev. Ronald Shive, Presbyterian official, thinks all violence is wrong and should be decried? (“Presbyterian cleric defends body’s Israel report,” July 1). Should the United States have stayed silent when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? Should the British have remained on the sidelines when Hitler marched into Poland? Perhaps NATO should have done nothing as Serbs brutalized Croats and Kosovars. Shive would have the South be a separate nation filled with slaves.

For years, we’ve read about certain liberal Protestant groups repeatedly bashing Israel, morally equating the military actions of a tiny, democratic, besieged nation with the brutal aggression of Muslim enemies. Also for years, we’ve seen liberal Jewish organizations groveling to these Protestant groups, begging them to once again soften the language of their outrageous denunciations. Several of these same Jewish groups show no hesitation in bashing our true Christian friends, conservative evangelicals, and in making common cause with radical factions in minority groups and urging virtual open borders for third-world immigration. These activists are welcome to privately pursue these alliances; what troubles me is that they act in the name of the Jewish community.

Fortunately, the adults in the room stand up boldly for Israel, laud its military might, and don’t waste their time lobbying latter-day Lindberghs and Coughlins about the nuances of their flagrant anti-Semitism.

Steve Goldstein
Fort Lee

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