Monitor Israel coverage 

Monitor Israel coverage 

Gary Rosenblatt’s “With Times under siege, Jewish reporters hit back” (May 23) was very interesting. For years many people have felt that The New York Times has had an anti-Israel bias and that their criticism of Israel is sometimes (frequently) unfair. I have a suggestion for NJJN and other Jewish publications: a weekly column summarizing a story in the Times that editors think is unfair to Israel. Have your reporter cover the same topic and show readers how the article should’ve been written. The columns should point out bias and unfairness in the Times’s coverage. Copies of the articles should be sent to other publications and to opinion makers.

This approach would eventually lead to more even-handed articles and stories. Reporters, like everyone else, need to be told what they are doing right and wrong. Hopefully, constructive commentaries could improve the media’s treatment of Israel.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh, N.Y.

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