Miss old NJJN

Miss old NJJN

I really miss the old NJJN — the content, the format, the magazine-style, full-page photo on the cover page. I miss the strong community focus. 

In the Dec. 13 issue there were two wonderful examples of what the new NJJN should feature more of: the heart-warming story about Italians who saved Jews (“Italy was unlikely protector of Shoa Jews”) and of the Landa family donating their sefer Torah to an Ethiopian synagogue in Israel (“Torah with European roots finds new home in Israel”).  

The old NJJN was pretty left-wing; the new NJJN appears to be way, way to the left, maybe trying to be too politically correct. For instance, in the last few issues there were multiple articles about Muslim-Jewish relations. The articles were front-page stories. This Muslim problem is of concern to some, I understand. But why top billing, so much space, and so many similar articles? I do not think this content reflects the interests and concerns of most Jews in Monmouth and Middlesex counties. 

Why aren’t NJJN reporters tasked with writing stories about our two counties’ wonderful Hebrew day schools, synagogues, Orthodox outreach centers popping up all over the two counties, the impressive and growing Syrian community in the Deal area, not to mention the interesting exhibits, activities, and shows sponsored by the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County

And finally, why not have some pro-Trump articles for a change so that NJJN presents a more balanced political view thereby communicating to readers that along with criticism it’s important to give the new president a chance. He’s already shown tremendous support for Israel, even before taking office.

Bella Scharf Zelingher

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