#MeToo is out of control

#MeToo is out of control

I hate to be a party pooper, but were a few offending remarks and a harmless touch years ago by generous philanthropists worthy of NJJN publicizing a confidential internal report by Hillel International? (“Hillel probe finds donor ‘harassment’ occurred,” Jan. 22)

We don’t even know the nature of the remarks for which some apologies have already been received. And we don’t know the standards against which such behavior is measured in the new system of justice administered by internal “committees,” outside law firms, and other “experts.”

Jewish law as well as American law and constitutional protections have been simply thrown out the window when it comes to male-female relationships in work environments. The American Psychological Association has recently joined in the bullying by labeling “traditional masculinity” a pathology.

In an age of women’s lib, where are the liberated #MeToo women telling overly aggressive males at work to back off, possibly accompanied by a swift kick? Or if not, why so little reporting of alleged male offenses in a timely manner within a reasonable statute of limitations? What happened to proportionality? To paraphrase The New York Times’ Bret Stephens on the Kavanaugh hearings — I’d rather be accused of murder; then at least I’d get a fair trial.

The big losers in our out-of-control #MeToo movement are men, women deprived of the men they need, society, and eventually Western civilization.

Arthur Goldstone

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