Memories of Mr. D

Memories of Mr. D

I’ve lived in New Jersey for over 30 years now, so imagine my surprise when I read a touching article about my gym teacher in NJJN. Gabe Kahn’s “A giant among generations of day school students” (Jan. 3) was a beautiful tribute.

Ernest D’Agneli came to Maimonides when I was already in high school, so he didn’t play those fun games with us, but did you know that he held the first Maimonides tryouts ever for a varsity basketball team? He was not the coach, but since a coach hadn’t been chosen yet, he helped us out.

Mr. D was my connection to the younger generation of Maimonides grads. When I would meet graduates or current students, I would always amaze them by telling them that Mr. D was my gym teacher. He was the only one from my time at Maimonides still teaching there.

Thank you for reminding me what a great guy he was.

Harry Chefitz
Maimonides Class of 1980

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