Media myopia

Media myopia

The day after the horrific slaughter of the Fogel family — including the stabbing of their three-month-old baby daughter Hadas and slitting the throat of their four-year-old son Eldad — the Palestinian Authority named a town square after a notorious terrorist who was involved in the mass murder of 37 people, many of them children. Undoubtedly the Palestinian Authority will recognize the latest murderers as well, perhaps with the naming of a playground or a beach. Palestinians have murdered more than 100 children since 2000. Why is there no outrage?

These were heinous crimes against humanity. As deeply disturbing as this most recent massacre is, it begs a bigger question: How can such cold blooded murders be downplayed or ignored by the media? One answer is that it does not fit their narrative. It exposes what the American media has become. They are passionate about political correctness and the causes they wish to support even at the cost of their humanity.

It is ironic that one major New Jersey newspaper published a large cartoon mocking the congressional inquiry into radical Islam in the United States. Are the so-called honor killing of wives and daughters, the Fort Hood massacre, the JCC murders, the attack on an army recruiting station , the Christmas Day airplane bomber, the Times Square bombing and others terror acts not worthy of concern and investigation? Like many other outlets, it also featured the death of a polar bear in a German zoo.

Hal Crane

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