Mavens make their ‘Super’ picks

Mavens make their ‘Super’ picks

Editor’s note: Several Jewish sports “celebrities” were queried for their Super Bowl Picks. Here are some of their responses.

Star-Ledger sports icon Jerry Izenberg: “On paper this is a great matchup with two terrific coaching staffs as a bonus. I like the Packers simply because they are a hot team and a healthy one and generally those two factors decide a Super Bowl. It has pretty much been that way over the 44 (and soon to be 45) I have covered. Green Bay in a close one.”

Marty Appel, former director of public relations for the New York Yankees: “In the year of Lombardi on Broadway and Lombardi as an HBO documentary, it seems fitting that the Lombardi Trophy [given to the winner of the Super Bowl] goes to the Packers.”

Jonathan Eig, author of Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig and Opening Day: The Story of Jackie Robinson’s First Season: “I’ve had only two teams I ever really cared about: the Yankees and the Steelers. I started rooting for them both when I was six. Steelers all the way!”’s Marc Tracey: “These teams are mirror images! Incredible defenses, lousy special teams, superb receivers, tough, mobile quarterbacks. My heart says the Packers and their brilliant quarterback and playmaking defense — plus their punter was awesome against the Bears. But my pick is the Steelers, who do seem to be able to gut these things out.”

Legendary sports columnist Sid Dorfman: “ I have had Green Bay from the start.”

Bob Stein, the first Jewish player to participate in a Super Bowl (1970 for the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Minnesota Vikings): “I think it will be a really good game, with a slight edge to the Packers…. Both have great QB’s, strong offensive lines, and run games and overall defenses. Both well coached on both sides of the ball.”

Former NFL player Alan “Shlomo” Veingrad: “Need you ask? Green Bay Packers! Why? Not only because I played five years as a Green Bay Packer [and] the history, but mostly because the fans are just the nicest and genuine you can meet.” (Veingrad won a Super Bowl ring with the Dallas Cowboys in 1992.)

Former New York Times baseball writer Murray Chass: “As a native Pittsburgher and a lifelong Steelers fan, I have no choice but to pick the Steelers.” writer Jonathan Mayo: “Well, I’m a baseball guy, but I live in Pittsburgh, so clearly I think the Steelers will win. Final score: Steelers 24, Packers 20.”

Author and TV host Brad Meltzer: “My wife’s family is from Pittsburgh, so I’ll lose my Passover invite if I choose anyone else.”

Former Olympic and Maccabiah fencing star Jeff Bukantz: “Steelers! Beating Green Bay has to be easier than shutting Rex Ryan up!”

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