Mass murder thwarted

Mass murder thwarted

Detailed mapping of the tunnels in Gaza and their outlets may never be available. From the limited information that is available there appears to be at least 30 tunnels that have  multiple short outlets into Israel. This type of arrangement would allow Hamas to put hundreds of suicidal murderers inside Israel within minutes simultaneously (not just a few shadow figures coming out of the ground as was shown on TV).

Being suicidal murderers wishing to go to Heaven, they would kill everyone they encountered until they themselves were killed. This mass murder plan that must have been intended by Hamas is not mentioned by our administration, only that Israel has the right to defend itself.

The question arises, why did Israel allow this potential massacre of hundreds or thousands to come close to being executed? It is of course possible that Mossad had fully assessed the problem and Israel had established a “kill zone” around the outlets and was simply waiting for the hundreds of Hamas murderers to emerge. However, regardless of Israel’s awareness of the danger, the intent of these numerous tunnels was to have mass murder of Israelis.

It will be of interest whether Professor Schabas of the International Criminal Court, who has already formed an opinion, will bother to investigate this attempt at mass murder.

Norman Ende, MD
Capt. MC USNR (ret.)
Mountain Lakes

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