Marking milestones at Mildred’s

Marking milestones at Mildred’s

The original Mildred was my mother’s best friend’s sister (“The unmentionable truth: Mildred’s to close,” June 6). Irene Huckman was Mildred’s youngest sister and she, along with her other sister Norma Schwartzstein, ran the store in Livingston for a number of years. 

I have wonderful memories of Mildred’s as I went from milestone to milestone — my special Aunt Norma fitting me for my first bra, being fitted for my high school prom dress, buying beautiful lingerie for my honeymoon, and selecting the perfect robes and nightgowns for my hospital stay when having my sons. A visit to Mildred’s was truly special and one that I will never forget! 

Ruth Chaiken Gross

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