Marginalizing gays

Marginalizing gays

In her letter, Judi Franco Chalme claims she will be unfairly labeled a “bigot” for her views on homosexuality (“Some things are non-negotiable,” Dec. 18).

I agree that such labeling would be foolish. She does, however, seem to be unaware of the fact that homosexuality is, and always has been, a benign and biologically determined state for an historically stable percent of the population. It is no more a “lifestyle” than is left-handedness.

She states the Torah is “perfect.” Not only is that statement mere silliness, but it also ignores the fact that scholars spend a lifetime interpreting it. Evidently she feels that her interpretation is the only correct one.

I don’t know what the Torah has about homosexuality. But whatever it may be, it doesn’t change what is known today to be the truth about it. Ms. Chalme wants homosexuals marginalized. That is clearly harmful for individuals and for society.

George Blitzer

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