Losing their minds

Losing their minds

About every five years, coinciding exactly with the periodic miniwars between the State of Israel and one or more of the terrorist states that surround her, the mainstream media in the United States loses its mind.

On one side we have Israel, a democracy with Western values. On the other side we have Hamas or Hizbullah, terrorist organizations that control countries. And what does the U.S. media do? They fawn over the terrorists, sending armies of reporters and photographers to capture the pain and suffering of the terrorists at the hands of the Western democracy. Under any other  circumstances, the New York Times or CNN would have little love for people who repress women and kill their homosexuals, all in the name of an angry god. But when the other side is the Jewish state suddenly the warts are gone. Our media then has the overwhelming urge to take photos and videos of dead Palestinian children; Reuters and the AP have a running count of these dead in every story. The not-too-subtle message is that Jews are bloodthirsty for non-Jewish children, a notion that I thought we got past in the Dark Ages.

Earth to media: Israel really, truly does not take joy in killing children. Indeed, if the beloved terrorists wouldn’t lob rockets into Israeli towns or blow themselves up on Israeli buses, there would be no need for Israelis to lay a finger on anyone in these terrorist states. But the terrorists do lob rockets, so Israel is compelled by the same sense of self-preservation that all countries are entitled to. It’s called self-defense.

Abe Krieger
Highland Park

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