Losing ‘face’

Losing ‘face’

To say I was shocked and disgusted is an understatement to what I felt seeing Rabbi Barry Freundel as one of your “Top Jewish Newsmakers of 5775” (Oct. 1).

There was not one other Jewish person who was newsworthy this past year? This creep’s photo and story is worthy of “Top Jewish Newsmakers”? Yes, I understand when you say “Whether you love  them or hate them…it’s hard to deny they had an impact.” The “impact” that Freundel had (I won’t even call him Rabbi), by secretly videotaping dozens of women in the mikva affiliated with his congregation, is just disgust, shame, and embarrassment. He is a shande on the Jewish community. Why would you give him the satisfaction of seeing his name in print? Shame on you, NJJN.

Diane B. Barry

Editor’s note: As the story indicated, Freundel’s odious and unforgivable crimes led “numerous leaders” to call for “checks on rabbinic power and a more transparent system for Orthodox conversion to Judaism.” Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a criminal act to draw attention to festering problems.

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