Letter misguided

Letter misguided

I found the letter to the editor “Focus on Neo-Nazis” (Aug. 31) incitable, misleading, and misdirected.

Instead of writing “Using the serious issue of neo-Nazism as a cheap political tool (blaming Trump)…” why not, “Neo-Nazism is a serious issue and needs a serious response”? Using words like “cheap,” “political,” and “tool” are unnecessary — unless the writer just wants to put down those who do not agree. 

As to being misleading, few are blaming Trump for neo-Nazism, but many are blaming him for equating it with right-minded people, and for taking too long — and being too inconsistent — to respond. 

It is misdirected that Trump is more supportive of Jews and Israel than any previous president. Trump believes it is in his self-interest to have competent Jewish lawyers and financiers on his side, and to appeal to Jewish voters such as the reader who wrote, “I stand as a Jew with President Trump.” From the standpoint of Jewish and American values, I — as an American Jew — cannot. 

Malcolm Schwartz
West Orange 

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