Let’s get serious

Let’s get serious

The threatening behavior of Iran is a vital issue for the United States. For many years the government of Iran spewed hatred while moving toward development of nuclear weapons. President Obama claims that this is intolerable and unacceptable.

As a result of the agreement reached between the UN Security Council and Germany (or P5 +1) and Iran, the movement by the Iranian government toward a nuclear weapon has been slowed but not eliminated or even reversed. Plutonium production, which has no purpose other than nuclear weapon  development, is being moved  forward at the new facility in Arak, Iran. In addition, uranium enrichment continues beyond what is needed for the generation of electricity. Furthermore, none of the equipment used to make a nuclear weapon has been moved out of Iran or destroyed. In fact, new equipment is being added.

Considering that the development of nuclear weapons by the other nations went undetected by the American intelligence community, I have concern in this regard. In short, we did not know that North Korea, China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and Russia were very close to developing a nuclear bomb until it was already developed. This is quite troubling and is likely to be repeated in the case of Iran.

Therefore, while sanctions against Iran are now being loosened and Iran continues to pursue its military use of nuclear energy, although at a slower pace, one thing should be made very clear to the government of Iran: should the United States  determine that Iran possesses a nuclear weapon, then the United States will join with other nations in eliminating Iran’s nuclear weapons and the facilities to develop these weapons as soon as possible. It’s time to get serious before it’s too late. Irancannot be trusted with a nuclear weapon.

Arthur Lee Horn
East Windsor

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