Let this person go

Let this person go

Thank you for the excellent editorial on April 3 regarding Jonathan Pollard (“Enough already”).

Pollard committed a crime and is paying for it dearly. His punishment, however, is completely disproportionate to similar crimes committed by others. No one has been kept in jail for 29 years, even traitors that resulted in lost American lives. I don’t like to accuse people of anti-Semitism but as time passes I can’t explain it any other way. No one has given a good reason why Pollard is punished more than any other traitor. As you state in your editorial, enough is enough.

I also oppose trading Arab murderers for Pollard. His case should not be mixed with Arab terrorists. I don’t agree with Israel’s policy of trading Arab terrorists for Palestinian good will. It destroys their judicial order. Pollard is an American issue and should be resolved here, not in Israel.

Michael Garkawe

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