Kosher food pantry running corporate social responsibility programs

Kosher food pantry running corporate social responsibility programs

THE YVETTE SARAH Clayman Healthy Choice Kosher Food Pantry at Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Mercer County (JFCS) is seeking local companies to help fill its empty pantry shelves.  

“We have seen a dramatic increase in pantry visitors this summer,” said Alicia DeGraw, food pantry coordinator. “It’s hard for us to keep food on our shelves.”  

JFCS is offering a “Do Good Corporate Shop & Stock,” where a corporate group meets at a local supermarket and a list of needed items is provided.  Companies are encouraged to contribute to the cost of the food or JFCS will pay with its own funds.  JFCS can also send corporate employees on a Scavenger Hunt to make the event a team-building exercise as well as a philanthropic one.  Once the shop is completed, everyone returns to the food pantry and the shelves are stocked.  Other opportunities include monetary collections and kosher food drives.   

“This is a wonderful opportunity to address food insecurity in the community where we work and live,” said Michelle Napell, JFCS executive director.  

The Yvette Sarah Clayman Kosher Food Pantry provides food to close to 100 families, which represents around 350 individuals of all denominations. It’s a choice-based pantry, which means clients shop for their food instead of picking up a prepared bag.  This follows the JFCS philosophy of educating and enabling clients to care for themselves and others.   

 Contact Beth Englezos at or 609-987-8100, ext. 126.

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