Kosher convenience gone

Kosher convenience gone

I’m sad to see Cait & Abby’s supervision given up (“Cait & Abby’s Bakery drops kosher supervision,” June 7). South Orange has a large community of Conservative Jews, including us. We knew exactly what the supervision meant, and found it acceptable for our Conservative kosher home (but would never have taken it to an Orthodox home).

I will admit that we were part of the decline in challah sales…I think they changed the recipe a few years ago, and our family switched to denser, sweeter (and less expensive) supermarket challah, which we prefer, for most Shabbats.

However, we spent quite a bit on round challot for the High Holidays, rugelach for shiva calls, pastries and quiches for easy take-out breakfasts and lunches, etc. Probably a few hundred dollars a year, at least, in lost revenue from our family, much of it in food that the owner may not be counting in his assessment of “Jewish community traffic.”

I wish Mr. Saade well in an important downtown location, but without us. We will really miss the convenience of kosher baking in our own Village.

Susan W.

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