Keeping the peace

Keeping the peace

I agree with Gil Kahn that making peace requires enormous faith (“Making peace: It’s easier said than done,” Dec. 4), but isn’t it only one part of the effort to establish normalcy between Israel and Palestine? Isn’t the other part of any peace agreement the maintenance of the spirit of the agreement? Doesn’t this depend on the ability of the parties to continue to work to maintain the resulting conditions of the agreement?

In 2006, the Palestinian Authority lost control of Gaza to Hamas shortly after Israel ceded Gaza to the Palestinian Authority. Would the UN or some other international group be able to muster support to assure the implementation of a peace agreement? In response to the assassination of President Sadat, the United States came to the support of the 1973 Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty.

Making peace will require enormous faith, but there are other issues besides the establishment of a border between Israel and Palestine.

Marvin Elmowitz
West Caldwell

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