Keep the pressure on

Keep the pressure on

A change in Iran’s rhetoric is not the same as a change in behavior. That is the message coming out of the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly, where Iranian President Hassan Rouhani donned the garb of the putative moderate in his public and private talks with world leaders, including President Obama. Weary of military confrontations in the Middle East, the Obama administration and the American people are understandably eager to seize on the slim possibility of Iranian moderation in resolving concerns over its nuclear ambitions.

And yet, while agreeing with President Obama that “the diplomatic path must be tested,” most Jewish leaders and other observers agree that the only way negotiations will result in an end to the Iranian nuclear weapons program is if Iran’s leaders continue to feel the pressure of strong and targeted sanctions. Sanctions against Iran have already had a significant impact on its economy. But the need for strong sanctions will not end until Iran’s nuclear program does.

That is why the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and its affiliates — including the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ — are urging concerned supporters to take action and reach out to the Senate in support of a new round of sanctions against Iran. Passed in the House of Representatives earlier this year, these sanctions — if approved by the Senate — would close loopholes and force Iran’s leaders to choose between the pursuit of a nuclear bomb and the needs of the Iranian people.

If you agree that preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability is a strategic priority for the United States, sign the JCPA petition and urge the Senate to act before the threat of a nuclear Iran grows larger. For a copy of the petition and more information on the JCPA Action Alert, go to the CRC page.


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