‘Kampf’ predecessors

‘Kampf’ predecessors

Regarding the article “Useful Exercise — Germany Plans to ‘demystify' Mein Kampf in schools,” (June 21), they should not start with the completed building. Let them begin with the hole-in-the ground and the foundation of the building, i.e. the two books that laid the foundation for Hitler’s sick ideas.

First and foremost on the list is Descent of Man by Charles Darwin and his equally sick-minded cousin, Francis Galton, and their warped, pernicious “theory” which claims that just as there are various species of dogs, cats, horses, etc. so there are different species of people. Some dogs are mutts; some dogs are purebreds. Some people make up an inferior race; some races are superior.

Written barely a decade later, the second book on the list is On the Passing of a Great Race by Madison Grant, a homegrown product of the United States. According to his sick mind, we should save the endangered Nordic race from Jewish immigrants from Poland. His book was considered “the bible for racial pseudo-science” in Germany.

I only hope we have moved beyond such degenerate ideas. A person should not/must not be judged by physical appearances, ethnic background, or religion. A person’s moral compass is the best test, i.e. leading a good, ethical life-style.

Sigmon Zeidman

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