Kahn must be living on a different planet

Kahn must be living on a different planet

I have read Gabe Kahn’s article on Senator Cory Booker and how he stands for Israel. Quite frankly, Kahn must be living on a different planet from the rest of us, and wants to believe that Booker is supportive of the Jewish cause and of Israel.

The facts do not lie. Booker is a known supporter of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement. It was no accident that he didn’t read the sign as he was with his friends.

Give me a break that he was only one of four to vote against the Taylor Force Act. The only reason Booker ultimately agreed to an amendment that approved it was that he realized that he had done a lot of damage to his Jewish constituents.

Such a wonderful supporter of the Jewish cause did not follow through with the vote to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He also did not vote against funding UNRWA to stop payments to the Palestinians, which ultimately financed terrorism. Let’s face it, he used the support of the Jews in New Jersey to get where he is today and then abruptly turned his back on them so he could further advance his career. Booker doesn’t fool me or many, many other Jews whatsoever. What gets me is that Kahn is trying to make excuses for him when Booker should be judged only by his actions. He is no friend of the Jews nor of Israel, even if NJJN’s editor exonerates him.

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