Kahn is hypocrite

Kahn is hypocrite

I request to be immediately taken off NJJN’s mailing list. The reason for this request is Gabe Kahn’s Garden State of Mind “The gun problem’s plain to see” (March 15). 

Kahn informs readers that he does not respect those who hold gun control views opposed to his own: “…we’re supposed to say we respect those with other views, but I just can’t do it.” Thanks for sharing, Gabriel, now go blow your horn!

He recounts how, as a teenager at Camp Moshava in Pennsylvania, he couldn’t execute a shot with a loaded rifle. “To hold such power in my arms seemed too heavy a responsibility for me to ever bear,” he informed us. 

When I was a teenager (19 years old, to be exact, in 1965) I, too, had rifle training. It was as an army recruit at Ft. Dix. Using Kahn’s wording, my drill instructor was pretty “badass,” but neither I nor the young troopers with me flinched upon firing our M-14s. The whole idea of the training was to learn how to kill. As it says in the Book of Ecclesiastes, “To everything there is a season… A time to kill and a time to heal…” 

It is clear to me that Kahn and I have nothing to say to each other. But it’s worse than that; he has the arrogance to state that the Second Amendment no longer applies. He seriously misunderstands its purpose. The Second Amendment’s “well-regulated militias” were not formed to protect the newly-formed nation from foreign encroachment (General Washington already had shown that only a national army could do that). No, the militias existed to protect the individual states against any tyrannical encroachments by the federal government. 

So Kahn is arrogant, unbecomingly dainty, and a charlatan. My guess is that he is also a hypocrite. He apparently sees himself as too “morally superior” to serve in the military, but I suspect he does not mind that others serve in his place. 

Please do not send me issues of NJJN. Under the leadership of Gabe Kahn it has nothing of intellectual quality to offer me.

Robert F. Lazarowitz

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