Jews should focus on Jewish causes

Jews should focus on Jewish causes

Jared Silverman’s “Liberal Jews overlook Hillel’s adage ‘If I am not myself, who will be for me?’” (April 27) really resonated with me because it said out loud many truths that needed to be said.

It is true that Jews take up every cause that comes down the pike — except their own. It is true that Jews joined marches to allow any and all Muslims free entry into this country. True that Jews in Bedminster intervened with the city fathers to allow a mosque to be built. True that Jews marched with Black Lives Matter even though the group called Israel an “Apartheid” nation. When Jewish organizations protested, Black Lives Matter replied that they had nothing against Jews — it is Israel they hate. This sounds like J Street, which for many years has been very hostile to the State of Israel even though its members are Jews. It is true that liberal offspring join campus protests which are inimical to Jewish interests and needs. Yes, Mr. Silverman, look for the Jew.

The irony behind all this is that according to the American Community Survey of 2015, African-Americans numbered nearly 40 million. 

Jews probably number about four million. So it’s a case of pygmies defending giants. A case of David defending Goliath. 

It is time for Jewish liberals to lower their strident voices. It is time for liberal Jews to “tikkun” their own “olam.” 

S. Scheininger

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