Jewish morals in Democratic Party

Jewish morals in Democratic Party

I’ve noticed a disturbing number of NJJN’s letters to the editor decrying the so-called drift leftward of the Democratic Party in a fashion that is not necessarily pro-Israel, with a number of readers implicitly or explicitly questioning how a Jew could vote Democratic under these circumstances. 

If one were to assume that most, if not all, of these writers are, as I am, American Jews (please note: American precedes Jew), their narrow focus would suggest that the only issue for Jewish consideration is a party’s relationship to Israel. Need they be reminded that we are talking about American politics and society? When it comes to what I believe most of us view as Jewish ethics and morals, the only national party that meets (or at least tries to meet) such a standard is the Democratic Party. With the possible exception of support for Israel what is, or at least should be, considered Jewish morals, is consistent with the Democratic Party and woefully at odds with the Republican one. Our political parties owe their allegiances first and foremost to the U.S., not to Israel.


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